California Personal Injury Lawyers

The Sorkin Law Group, with its base in Irvine CA, has built up an enviable reputation for the way it has developed a “client first” approach and will never hesitate to address the immediate needs of its clients at any time. Time and place is of no consequence to us, as we will be there for you. Our important concern is to care about you and your family’s legal requirements. We have all the support available that is necessary to make a satisfactory compensation claim for any type of personal injury that you may have sustained, due to the negligence or carelessness of another person.

Our effective leadership and great reputation will ensure fair compensation is gained for our clients. We act in a serious manner for what we view are serious concerns. We look forward to offering our help to ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

Our main practice areas are:

Personal Injury

Many people in California have the misfortune to be injured in an auto accident. This is nothing new, but not everyone who is injured realizes that if the accident was not their fault that they are legally entitled to file a claim for damages against the person who caused the accident.

Extracting compensation is never quite as easy and the person at fault will rarely admit liability without some sort of protest.

In fact, what often happens is that the insurance company of the defendant will knock on your door with a cash gesture in the hope that you will not file a claim against them.

However, this is not what legal entitlement actually means. The law states that the person who caused your injury should compensate you to the extent that your life will return to normal or as close to normal as is possible. To enable this to take place, it means that you should not suffer financial hardship as a result of your injuries. The statute allows for certain criteria to be used when assessing a personal injury claim.

This Includes:

  1. The cost of medical treatment now and into the future.
  2. Loss of income and future earnings until back at work.
  3. An amount for pain and suffering.
  4. An amount for loss of consortium.
  5. Punitive damages.


For 1 and 2 there is no legal limit placed on a claim as this is dependent on the individual’s circumstances. For 3, 4 and 5 the court can cap the amount of money claimed again depending on the state and the circumstances of the personal injury.

The whole situation surrounding a personal injury claim is far more complex and requires methodical calculation to ensure a fair and just settlement is reached for the victim. No insurance company will have the sympathy to honor a true personal injury compensation package. It is only a lawyer that has the sensitivity to truly understand and vigorously fight for the legal entitlements of their clients.

We at the Sorkin Law Group pursue personal injury claims with the expectation that an out of court settlement can be reached, but if a court appearance is necessary we will stand up and defend our clients’ rights to the bitter end.

Premises Liability

Throughout all the states in the nation, personal injuries received on someone else’s property or a public area administered by a private or local authority victims have a legal right to file a damages claim from the property owner or administrator. However, premises liability is not always straightforward as the plaintiff has to prove that the person responsible for the property knew about the hazard that caused the injury and should have corrected it as they have, by law, required to provide a safe place for patrons to use or visit. A lawyer is absolutely essential to ensure that the owner or administrator pays the compensation to the victim. It might mean a struggle but we at the Sorkin Law Group know how important it is for our clients to get the justice they deserve.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one dies in an accident, it is hard enough to live with the tragic events and the irreplaceable loss. But once you have collected your thoughts together, it may be possible to file a wrongful death claim against the person who caused the death. In earlier days, this was not possible, but today it has been realized that, amongst other things, a family may suffer financially when an income earner dies unexpectedly. There is now a statute in place in California designed to compensate the family who has lost so much. It is quite a complicated process and we at the Sorkin Law Group have extensive experience of winning substantial claims for wrongful deaths.

Auto Accident

car accident attorney from the Sorkin Law Group is very knowledgeable will have successfully dealt with large numbers of car accident cases. As all car accident victims are legally entitled to file a claim for damages against the person who caused the accident, making use of a legal service will take away the burden of the claim making procedure. This will give you the chance to recover in the knowledge that any financial burden of your injury will be solved by the auto accident lawyer. It is essential to follow a certain procedure after an auto accident. If this is not done or deadlines are not met then your claim may no longer be valid.

Pedestrian Accident

A person when injured due to a pedestrian accident might be in the position of filing a claim for damages from the motorist who was the cause of the accident. A damages payment is money handed to the victim of the pedestrian accident as a way of compensating the person for the injuries and financial losses. In the case of a fatality the family of the pedestrian may be able to file a claim for damages for wrongful death.

Truck Accident

After a truck accident, it is vital to keep secure any evidence from the accident scene. The truck company will soon have its team of experts, their insurance company representatives and attorneys all rallying together at the truck accident event. They will be trying to establish the cause of the accident and how much it is going to cost them over the injury concerns of any victims. You must try to salvage some evidence yourself to be used when you are ready to file a compensation claim. A cell phone is useful for taking photos which will help to preserve evidence. Any vital clues found at the scene of the truck accident may well assist your attorney to reconstruct the event which can then be presented in a court appearance in your favor.

Slip and Fall Accident

Under premises liability legislation, any victim who has a slip and fall has to be able to provide evidence that proves the property owner was aware of the hazard or should have been aware but did nothing to fix the problem. If the owner of the property or an employee caused the hazardous condition that initiated an injury from a slip and fall, then they will be held responsible. However, when the dangerous condition was caused by a customer, such as a spill in a supermarket, then the plaintiff must prove that the property owner had enough time to discover the hazard and subsequently do something about it. If a sign has been shown but it was almost impossible to be seen, then liability still rests with the property owner.

Spine Injury

Along with car accidents, a spine injury can also occur in workplaces, through slips and falls virtually anywhere, sports injuries and violent acts. In the majority of cases, these spine injuries are not the fault of the victim. A spine injury is so serious that victims often have to endure a lifetime of rehabilitation and all its associated costs which include loss of earnings as well as pain and suffering. These injuries are often so severe that a victim will need financial help to be able to support themselves for years into the future. A spine injury victim should not let the person who caused the accident get away with it and they should contact a personal injury law firm such as the Sorkin Law Group to file a claim for damages on their behalf.

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