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California Personal Injury Lawyers

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The attorneys at Sorkin Law Group have been successfully protecting your legal rights through counseling, mediation, arbitration, trial and/or litigation for decades. We strive for fairness and aggressive representation for all our clients. Legal representation from our attorneys is unparalleled.

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Managing attorney, Briny A. Woods spent five years working as a trial attorney for a national insurance company. His knowledge and insight is unmatched. The attorneys at Sorkin Law Group are excellent negotiators. We fight for the rights of our clients.

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The attorneys at Sorkin Law Group are sensitive to the needs of the client. We will meet you for a free “no strings attached” initial consultation, so that you fully understand your options and legal rights.Visit one of our office Locations in Riverside, Orange County, or Sacramento, a. Appointments available weekdays, evenings, weekends or holidays. Se habla español.

Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury relates to any physical or emotional injury caused by the carelessness, recklessness or intentional harm of another individual or organization. If you’ve been injured in a car accident or have been harmed by someone else’s neglect, consulting with a personal injury lawyer will be one of the most significant choices anyone can make. A personal injury lawyer will advise you of the various legal choices available to you in protecting your rights and obtaining damages for ones injury.

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What is Personal Injury, and how much is a Personal Injury claim worth?

Personal injury is any bodily or mental injury suffered by someone that is the result of another persons carelessness or wrongful act. There are so many things to consider when determining how much a personal injury case is worth and it can be tough to set a dollar amount on injuries you endure. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, time lost from work, medical costs for ongoing injuries, discomfort and suffering, and the like. There is no method that a jury or a judge is required to use in order to pinpoint these injuries and the settlement is based on an individual situation. However, your lawyer may be able to help estimate the value of one’s claim based on similar situations that were determined previously. For additional information regarding your specific legal lawsuit, it is best to speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer with Sorkin Law Group.

Personal injuries can occur in a wide range of accidents; however leading causes of personal injuries can be due to:

Bicycle Accident – Boating Accident – Brain Injuries – Bus Accidents – Car Accident –     Dog Bites – Motorcycle Accidents – Pedestrian Accident – Personal Injury –     Wrongful Death