Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Irvine

Pedestrian accidents, despite the presence of sidewalks and crosswalks, injure or kill around 75,000 Americans annually. If you have had the misfortune to have been injured, or a family member has lost their life as a result of a pedestrian accident, you should contact the Sorkin Law Group, right here in Irvine CA, where an experienced lawyer can help you through the process of filing a claim for damages from the person who caused your injury. We have built up an enviable reputation for assisting people who have been injured in a pedestrian accident and have recouped very favorable financial compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Children leave home every day to go off to school and there is inevitably at least one road that has to be crossed on the way. The same goes for people who are on their way to work, or party goers on their way to friends or out for a night out on the town. The thought of any of the roads being a danger rarely crosses the mind. However, there are families who are sitting at home waiting for children, siblings and even parents and grandparents and they receive that unexpected phone calling informing them that a love one has either been killed or injured.

A person is killed in a pedestrian accident every 113 minutes and a person is injured every 8 minutes, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) calculations. The most common cause of a pedestrian accident is carelessness or negligence on behalf of the driver, which implies that the accident could have been prevented. Of course, there are a few pedestrians who don’t pay attention to traffic conditions when crossing a road. They might even be texting or talking instead of looking out for oncoming traffic.

Pedestrian Accident Injuries and Compensation

A person when injured due to a pedestrian accident might be in the position of filing a claim for damages from the motorist who was the cause of the accident. A damages payment is money handed to the victim of the pedestrian accident as a way of compensating the person for the injuries and financial losses. In the case of a fatality the family of the pedestrian may be able to file a claim for damages for wrongful death.

What is Covered in a Compensation Claim?

Recurrent pain and suffering caused by the injuries will be included in the compensation calculation. The cost of medical treatment in the present and the future is another important contribution to the compensation package. The aim of compensation for a victim who has sustained injuries is to ensure that their life can be returned to a normal a state as possible so income loss is a major contribution too. The attorneys at Sorkin Law Group have assessed thousands of claims for pedestrian accidents and have won significant payments for their clients.

Pedestrian Areas are not Always Safe

As there are so many pedestrian accidents, all road users both on foot or traveling in a vehicle should keep a sharp lookout for any unusual pedestrian or vehicle behavior. Drivers should heed red lights at crosswalks and pedestrians should be vigilant when crossing roads which do not have red lights to restrict vehicle speed and movement. Old people and children are high risk categories so even more vigilance has to be taken outside schools and facilities.

Who Caused the Pedestrian Accident?

The first thing you must do, if you are a victim in a pedestrian accident and it was not your fault is to cooperate with the police who have been called to the scene and provide an accurate report of the incident. Once you have had your injuries treated then you should contact a pedestrian accident attorney to see if you qualify for compensation from the person who caused your injuries. The attorney has the jurisdiction to assist you obtain and gather any evidence which will help in determining the person who is responsible for your injuries.

You are Legally Entitled to Compensation

It is your legal entitlement to be compensated for the hardships that you may encounter as a result of a pedestrian accident and at the Sorkin Law Group a carefully calculation is made of your losses. Once a fair and reasonable compensation package has been compiled it will be presented to the insurance company of the person at fault.

If you, or a member of your family, is in need of a skilled and experienced pedestrian accident attorney in the Irvine area, please contact the Sorkin Law Group now at 949-502-0273 for your free, confidential assessment.