Spine Injury Lawyer Irvine

In the U.S. every year there are many serious accidents that result in a spine injury. A recent statistic revealed that around 11,000 Americans suffer from a traumatic spine injury annually. The leading cause of these injuries is auto accidents. The Sorkin Law Group, here in Irvine CA, handles hundreds of personal injury cases every year for victims of accidents. They have built up an enviable reputation for winning thousands of dollars for victims of a spine injury who sustained the injury through no fault of their own.

Along with car accidents, a spine injury can also occur in workplaces, through slips and falls virtually anywhere, sports injuries and violent acts. In the majority of cases, these spine injuries are not the fault of the victim. A spine injury is so serious that victims often have to endure a lifetime of rehabilitation and all its associated costs which include loss of earnings as well as pain and suffering. These injuries are often so severe that a victim will need financial help to be able to support themselves for years into the future. A spine injury victim should not let the person who caused the accident get away with it and they should contact a personal injury law firm such as the Sorkin Law Group to file a claim for damages on their behalf.

What is the Spine?

The spine makes its way up from the bottom of the back just above the waist, right up to the base of the skull. It protects the spinal cord, which contains the nerve cells which relay information to and from the brain and to the rest of the body. The spine is constructed of thirty three vertebrae, which make up the spinal column or “backbone”. A rapid and severe blow leveled at the spine may fracture or dislodge the vertebrae, which could then damage the spinal cord. Once any serious damage has taken place to the spinal cord, repair is difficult. The outcome could well be paralysis.

Types of Spine Injury

The spine is such an important part of the body that when a spine injury is severe it can have a serious effect on the spinal cord which it helps to protect. Different degrees of paralysis, such as paraplegia or tetraplegia can take place. A serious spinal cord injury in the neck area may result in losing the feeling beneath the neck and the legs and arms, with no possibility of effecting a repair.

As well as the more serious conditions of paraplegia and tetraplegia, there is also bruising to the spine from a fall or a vehicle accident which even though not life threatening can inflict severe discomfort throughout the slow healing process.

Spinal Column – the importance of the discs

Located between the vertebrae are discs which are like inner tubes of bicycles. Situated in the discs is a squashy substance that acts in a similar way to a shock absorber and also allows movement of the spine. Throughout the aging process, the discs gradually lose their flexible characteristics and they become vulnerable to damage in a fall or accident which involves an impact on the spine. A spine injury of this type may not be life threatening but it still causes pain that restricts the ability of the victim to undertake the normal routines of life.

Medical Treatment is Important

If you think you have damaged your spine after involvement in an accident, go and seek medical treatment, whether pain is felt or not. It is important to ensure that the correct treatment is received as soon as possible. If the accident was not your fault then you are not expected to pay for your medical treatment, as you are legally entitled to file a claim for damages from the person who caused your spine injury.

You Will Need a lawyer

Once you have received the necessary medical treatment and have a diagnosis of your injuries, you should contact a spine injury lawyer who will determine if you are eligible to file a claim for damages. You shouldn’t attempt to take on your own legal battles, as an experienced lawyer will know the true value of your injuries and will ensure that any claim will include the following:


  • The cost of all medical expenses.
  • The financial burden from loss of income
  • Any additional care needed while recovering at home
  • A component for pain and suffering
  • An amount for loss of enjoyment of life


A full compensation package is your legal entitlement and when compiled by a lawyer at the Sorkin Law Group, he or she will factor in anything that has disadvantaged you as a result of the injury. The legal reason for allowing an accident victim to file a damages claim is so that they can be returned to normal life in the best way possible. No victim in the U.S. who has been injured as a result of another person’s negligence or careless behavior is expected to pay the bills while recovering.

If you, or a loved one, is in need of a skilled and experienced spine injury attorney in the Irvine area, please contact the Sorkin Law Group now at 949-502-0273 for your free, confidential assessment.