Truck Accident Lawyer Irvine

In reality, truck accidents cause life altering injuries to unsuspecting victims throughout California and the US annually. The Sorkin Law Group located here in Irvine CA, handles thousands of claims for truck accident victims every year, who have been injured through no fault of their own.

Truck Accidents are Unlike Auto Accidents

Most of you, when you are out and about on your daily commute or driving from place to place for work keep a sharp lookout for 18 wheelers.  Anybody who has had the misfortune to have been involved in a truck accident will know why so many people are cautious of trucks. A truck accident which involves a semi-truck or an 18-wheeler is not quite the same as an auto accident. A truck does not have the ability to be able to grind to a halt or perform awkward accident evasion maneuvers as a car does. A driver who has lost control of his or her truck can cause immense damage to any other vehicles that happen to be in their path.

Steps to Follow After a Truck Accident

1. Have a medical examination.

Whether you think your injuries are serious or not, you must seek medical attention immediately. The sheer size of a truck means if one has crashed into your auto, injuries to you and any passengers are almost inevitable. If you don’t seek at least a medical check you might have hidden internal injuries such as brain damage, which is often not diagnosed instantly. An immediate medical examination means that your medical state after the accident will have been recorded by the doctor concerned. This information is vital when your chosen truck accident lawyer starts the compensation claim process.

2. Truck accident evidence

After the truck accident, it is vital to keep secure any evidence from the accident scene. The truck company will soon have its team of experts, their insurance company representatives and attorneys all rallying together at the truck accident event. They will be trying to establish the cause of the accident and how much it is going to cost them over the injury concerns of any victims. You must try to salvage some evidence yourself to be used when you are ready to file a compensation claim. A cell phone is useful for taking photos which will help to preserve evidence. Any vital clues found at the scene of the truck accident may well assist your attorney to reconstruct the event which can then be presented in a court appearance in your favor.

Present Your Auto for Inspection

If serious injuries, or a fatality, has occurred, then keeping your own auto available for inspection may be the key to your trucking accident misfortune. Your truck accident attorney should be able to determine, if your vehicle had any manufacturing defects which could have helped to cause the accident.

You Will Need a Lawyer

No one wants to admit liability in any type of accident, let alone a costly truck accident. Trucking companies have, at the ready, specialized and highly experienced truck accident attorneys who are armed to fight liability and attempt to limit their damages which have resulted from the truck accident. It is only the experienced and knowledgeable truck accident attorney who will be able to pursue a favorable and just compensation claim on your behalf.

What is Covered in a Compensation Claim?

  • Medical Costs – for past, current and future medical treatment
  • Damage to Property- this will cover any damage to your auto and items inside at the time of the truck accident
  • Pain and Suffering – this will cover you for the discomfort from the pain you have to endure as a result of the truck accident
  • Loss of Income – this will cover you for any time spent off work while  recovering from the truck accident
  • Reduction in Earning Capacity – this will cover you for any limit imposed on you to earn an income as a result of your truck accident injuries
  • Life changing circumstances – this will cover you for any losing of your ability to enjoy life as a result of the truck accident
  • Continual care- this covers you for any non-medical requirements that are necessary due to your truck accident injuries
  • Punitive Damages – this is an amount that has to be paid by the person found to be at fault and is an amount that is designed to act as a warning to the defendant not to repeat the same mistakes.


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